Qigong Breathing

Chinese Quotes

“Breathe badly and you live badly”

“Breathe a little and live a little”

“Breathe well and live well”


Qi is a Chinese word for Life Force (Qi pronounces as “Chee”). There are internal and external Qi, QiGong is an ancient art to activate and enhance internal Qi flow and to harness and make use of external Qi. Practitioners can use the Art to improve health; self healing.

Chest or Diaphragm breather?

  • shallow “chest breathing”

some have a low CO2 concentration leaving them with a tight chest and malfunctioning diaphragm.

  • “diaphragmatic breathing”

drawing downward in the chest on inhalation, and pushing upward in exhalation.


Good Breathing

The body’s ability to maintain a normal pH(the balance between acid and alkaline that regulates the body’s chemical reactions) depends on maintaining an adequate supply of CO2.


As you learn to exhale slowly, you conserve carbon dioxide and rebalance the system.

It is easy to develop good breathing habits. If practiced often enough, this manner of breathing can often become automatic.

  • To achieve normal levels of oxygen and CO2 in your system, you begin by focusing your attention on breath.
  • Your goal is to reduce the number of respirations from a standard of 12 per minute to as few as four-five per minute.

Qigong Breathing Formula “4-6-4”

  1. A slow inhale… HOLD for 2-4 seconds to allow for the interchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide.
  2. A slow exhale, vary from 6-12 seconds… the longer you take to exhale with control, the more alkaline the system will become, and the more relaxed and calm the body will be.
  3. Pause for 2-4 seconds before inhaling.

Breathing correctly is important in maintaining the level of oxygen for energy, keeping the correct pH levels in the body, and enough carbon dioxide for bodily functions.

Seventy percent of the elimination of wastes from the body is through breathing.


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